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Canadian Stock Exchange Exclusive Feature: P2Earn Inc. (CSE:PXE)

The Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) interviewed Alex Lineton, the newly appointed CEO of P2Earn (CSE: PXE) (FSE: WH4). Lineton talks about the company's unique Play to Earn business model and its approach to becoming a major player in the rapidly growing blockchain market. We have picked out a few important things the CEO mentioned during the interview and want to give you our opinion on why they are important to the success of the company. If you want to know more about P2Earn Inc. we recommend that you download their Investor's presentation.

Please note, a conflict of interest exists as we are shareholders in C.PXE, and we are not investment advisors. Please do your own extensive research. Please read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Full Video P2Earn Inc. with Canadian Stock Exchange ( 09:36)

Our Key Takeaways from the Video:

Proof of concept:

P2Earn ran a Beta test of its platform to learn more about the exact needs of its players, particularly those in developing countries. They took into account some players' lack of financial means and their inability to successfully earn a living playing games on their own. In most cases, players need access to support and in-game assets to increase their earning potential. In our article from 16.04.2023, we stated from an interview with the CEO that they generated $470.000 CAD EBITDA during the proof of concept.

Gamers guild platform:

P2Earn acquires and leases these tokens, NFTs, and in-game assets to gamers who are otherwise unable to purchase them on their own. By doing so, gamers' profits surge, and in return P2Earn gets a 50% cut from all their winnings.

Client acquisition:

P2Earn will be targeting and focusing on developing countries for their client acquisition. This makes more than sense in our opinion, more on this later.

Additional management to join:

In the video, it was mentioned that there will be several additions of new management and staff. We will have to wait to see who will be joining them.

New games to join the guild:

The CEO mentioned that a long pipeline of games will be added to the Gaming Guild Platform, which will ensure that people will have access to gamers they prefer to play. This will lead to more gamers joining the P2Earn platform, thereby increasing the company's overall profits. We are anticipating that there will be several news releases in the near future regarding new game additions.


Developing world is key for Play to Earn industry:

It is important to note that P2earn realizes that the true potential of the Play to Earn blockchain-based industry lies in growing its reach in developing countries, where the salaries are often so meager, that it makes sense for these players to join their platform. By doing so, players in these countries are able to earn income several folds over their income working normal jobs. This is what interests us the most, as we are working and living in Asia and we see this happening on a daily basis. People are making a full-time living from gaming and they make more money than if they would be working in a call center or in a restaurant.


Having said that, we believe that the Play To Earn concept is designed for the developing world. Players in these developing countries are hungry and they want to make an extra $30 to $40 USD per day. In Europe or North America, it is unlikely that someone is going to spend 8 hours a day gaming to make an extra $30 USD bucks. P2Earn Inc understands this and we believe that their business model will realize massive revenue streams.

But do not just take our word for it, Alex Tapscott is a globally-recognized writer, speaker, investor, and advisor focused on the impact of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and crypto-currencies, on business, society, and government. He is also the co-founder of the blockchain institute. Alex was interviewed as well by the CSE, "Web3" World | The CSE Podcast S3-E11. Here is what he has to say about the Play Earn industry and the developing world.

Alex Tapscott on Charting New Frontiers in a "Web3" World | The CSE Podcast S3-E11

Watch the full video at

Alex Tapscott is very clear that Play To Earn is more likely to succeed in developing countries where gamers are hungry to make some extra money, this is why we believe that P2Earns strategy is the right to focus on these countries for client acquisition.

We believe that P2Earn is one of the most promising technology stocks of the year 2023 and are anticipating big things to happen. If you want to do a deep dive on the company, just read our special report on the company:



Please note that PRC Partners.NET is a shareholder of P2Earn Inc (C.PXE) and therefore a conflict of interest exists. PRC Partners.NET is not a financial advisor. Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. PRC Partners.NET is not being paid or compensated for this article. Please read our full disclaimer.

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